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MBA Construction, committed to the “Live, Work, and Play” lifestyle, is growing rapidly. Focused on developing multifamily communities in metropolitan areas across the country, the company is currently developing land in Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, and West Virginia. The coming years are only going to get better as our assets continue to grow.

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By joining our family at the corporate office on the northside of Indianapolis, or onsite at one of our many communities, you’ll be provided the unique opportunity for career development and growth in a team environment focused on working smarter not harder. 

Location: Indianapolis, IN Type: Full Time
Job Description

MBA Construction, a division of the SC Bodner Company, is looking for a Construction Project Manager

LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN 

HOURS: Minimum 40 hours per week or as many hours as needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of the position.


The job duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager are far ranging and encompass all aspects of project control.  The Project Manager will be involved in his assigned projects as early as possible in the development process.  He will work with the owner to develop a working plan for each project and he will have in-depth, thorough knowledge of the entire project, ranging from the plans and specifications to all financial aspects of the project.

The following is a partial listing of responsibilities for any Project Manager working with MBA Construction.


This list does not reflect all of the duties and responsibilities of the project manager, there may be times when the assistant project manager needs to take on different responsibilities for the success of any given project.  The project manager is responsible for all aspects of his projects until turnover to property management.

·       Conduct initial plan review on assigned projects and red line for correction by the design team.

·       Meet with the development team and gather any pertinent information related to the project.

·       Investigate local codes and ordinances for the jurisdiction where the project is to be constructed.

·       Prepare bid documents for release to subcontractors and vendors.

·       Receive bids and prepare bid tabulation forms for review by Supervisor.

·       Prepare contracts, work scope, and purchase orders for subcontractors and vendors.

·       Prepare project schedule and review with Ownership.

·       Revise the pre-construction budget to actual numbers after the bid out is complete.

·       Update project schedule on a weekly basis.

·       Constantly maintain budget and accounting records for the project.

·       Meet with the Supervisor on a regular basis to review the project budget and schedule.

·       Make regular site visits, spending a minimum of a full day on-site per visit.  Site visit frequency and duration will vary depending on the state and phase of the project.

·       Create and process all required paperwork (contracts, purchase orders, C.O.’s, RFI’s, etc.).

·       Review and approve all subcontractor and vendor payment requests.

·       Coordinate with local utilities

·       Review and approve all shop drawings.

·       Coordinate delivery dates of long lead items.

·       Prepare project-specific product manual for turnover to property management.

·       Coordinate building turnover dates with property management.

·       Set up and coordinate safety program with the site superintendent.

·       Complies with safety programs, policies, and procedures as they relate to the construction environment.

·       Adheres to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations as they relate to the construction environment.

·       Performs additional duties as assigned



·       Ability to read and interpret all design drawings and specifications.

·       Must be able to successfully interact with, building officials, owners, subcontractors, vendors, and anyone else necessary for the successful operation of the construction process.

·       Must fully understand all aspects of the scheduling process, utilizing the in-house computer scheduling program.

·       Ability to write coherent and all-encompassing work scopes for every trade category of the project.

·       Have the knowledge and ability to understand and track all financial aspects of his projects.

·       Must have the computer skills necessary to complete all tasks as required by the position.


·       Must have a valid driver’s license.

·       Must be willing to travel to project sites as often as required to ensure a successful project.


Competitive salary, per diem to cover all travel expenses, 401k retirement plan, and company health benefits available.